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Available Classes

Two Day Technician course  $700 / student

This course is two day course in the water for both days.  

Three Day Advanced course $700 / student

 This course is two days in the water and one day on the ground search / rescue.  

Three Day Enhanced Technician course $900 / student

This course is three days in the water.   

Four Day Comprehensive Technician course $900 / student

This is a four day course, three days in the water and one day on ground search / rescue.  

Flood Rescue Academy Facility can also be rented out to your department for training and continuing education. 

 The fee for this is $150 / day / student.  

Flood Rescue Academy is now offering 


$150 / student / day

Your company along with having the ability to train in the state of the art facility, can also add additional days for an outdoor land navigation class. This will help your team to learn to work together for a common goal

On Site / Ground Search and Rescue Training

Flood Rescue Academy can also come to your location to teach Awareness Operations and Ground Search and Rescue. This training will include an overview of a pre-plan for problem areas that your agency has identified.  Each class with hit on the different types of search techniques and how to accomplish a complete search or a missing person during a flooding incident.  


Travel - Air TBD plus car rental.  Due to distance a car can be rented by training agency and driven to destination then returned to point of origin by trainer. Average $130 / day. 

Lodging - $120 / day - this includes a day / night for class preparation.

Per diem - $50 / day - this includes a day / night of class preparation. 

Course cost per Student - Technician and / or Advanced Level $400 / student.

Instructor Travel - $200 / day


The instructor will arrange travel and lodging in advance and be compensated by host agency prior to class.  The host agency can cancel class no less than 72 hours in advance to allow for travel reimbursements.  Any cancellations less than 72 hours in advance will not be refunded.  If the hosting agency requires additional equipment for students they must notify the lead instructor via email at least 72 hours in advance.  


Flood Rescue Academy can also provide at your location a 

Disaster Preparedness  

Contact us via phone or email for a quote for the class.   

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