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About US

Flood Rescue Academy is an indoor, climate controlled facility in Georgetown Texas.  Our goal is to bring realistic training and up to date water rescue techniques to first responders from around the world. 

The pool is kept at a comfortable temperature to allow for training year round.  We have the ability to always have moving water and can change the direction and flow.  

Flood Rescue Academy utilizes volunteer victims so that the rescuers have the ability to fully participate in the class.  

Our facility has the ability to do nighttime operations at any time of the day and we have the ability to make it rain and add sound effects for a more realistic training environment.  

Flood Rescue Academy also has the ability to equip students with PPE and throwbags along with any other equipment that they might need if they do not have access to it.   

Our Motto is :

"Success Through Preparation"

Classes Offered

Team Builder Class

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