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Flood Rescue Academy is proud to announce that we are now working with the Birdwell Foundation for PTSD.  

We look forward to working with everyone at The Birdwell Foundation. Stay tuned for some more exciting news. 

Introduction to 

Flood Rescue Academy

Class Participation Testimonials

" Great Training"

"Great Instruction & Real Experiences.  Really enjoyed hands on training."

"Very well put together class. Instructors were excellent."

"All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and presented the information clearly and concise.  Great facility and great props."

"Course and instructors were great. I learned a lot of new things in this course"

"Very useful to train on a submerged vehicle in a controlled environment"

"We really enjoyed the vehicle being submerged. The way we could train safely and practically was worth the trip of 14 hours for my department"

"Great course, had a lot of fun and will definitely be recommending to others"

"Instructors have clear and factual information. No BS Stories"

"Great class! I would highly recommend it to everyone"

Nighttime Operations

At Flood Rescue Academy we have the ability to do nighttime operations at anytime of the day. 

Climate Controlled Facility

Can make rain and sound effects to allow for a more realistic training experience. 

Always Moving Water

Always have the ability to have moving water and are not dependent on the water conditions.  Can alter the direction and flow of the water at anytime. 

Volunteer Victims

Utilize volunteer victims, so that the students that are training are able to participate fully in each evolution. 

Additional Training Day

Flood Rescue Academy offers an additional day of training for Ground Search and Rescue Operations.  This training is offered free of charge. 

Real Life Props

We utilize real life props to help make the training experience more realistic. 

Recent Classes

Webster  Fire 

 Putnam County Rescue, TN

Seabrook Fire #2

 Tri-County Fire  

Harris County Constable  

 Lafourche Parrish FD

Seabrook Fire Department

Cypress Creek Fire Department

Roman Forrest Police Department

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